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DJ Jayalath

Co-founder of Athos

Athos Co-Founder and CPO Dhananja (DJ) Jayalath has always had a passion for building things. As an Electrical Engineering major at the University of Waterloo, DJ began building the first Athos prototypes between classes. Motivated by a desire to better analyze and improve his workouts (and, as a college student, without the bank account to afford a personal trainer), DJ began exploring novel applications of a science called electromyography (EMG). DJ (with co-founder Chris Wiebe) found a way to integrate EMG science, which had previously required expensive machines and electrodes, into apparel he would have worn to the gym anyway. Since co-founding Athos in the summer of 2012, DJ has been working to perfect both the product and his squat form (he still needs some work on the latter).