Rishi Jaitly

CEO of Times Bridge

Rishi Jaitly is the CEO of Times Bridge, Asia's largest investments & partnerships firm bringing the world's best ideas to India. Capitalized by India’s largest media company, the current portfolio of Times Bridge includes Airbnb, Coursera, Thrive, Uber, Vice and other world-class tech and media ventures eager to realize their India, Asia and global opportunity. Jaitly is the former Vice President, Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa for Twitter, where he built and led the teams which took Twitter into the region's high-growth emerging markets.

Earlier in his career, Jaitly was the Managing Director of Twitter India, the Head of Public/Private Partnerships for Google India, an aide to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, and a Director of the Knight Foundation and College Summit. He is the co-founder of India Voices, Michigan Corps, Kiva Detroit/Flint, tenpass Inc., the BMe Community & Citizen Millennial. A former Trustee of Princeton University and Commissioner of Higher Education in New Jersey, Jaitly lives in Chicago and splits his time between the US & Asia.